Al Schubert is On Board

Hi, I’m Al Schubert and I am ready to make a claim to fame.  I started out in my teens writing songs and was in a couple of bands.  The Evol Chayr band with Edie, Bry and Ron got me my first cut record from Universal Studios in Chicago.  We played all over Champaign-Urbana as our drummer Edie went to school there.  Then Deisel was born with Al , Dana and Rance.  We played the Northwestern scene. then John joined as drummer and we played gigs at clubs and other venues. At this point I had over 400 songs written and many of them copywritten.  then came Viet Nam.

I ended up in the military; Ilinois National Guard and was stationed at medical school at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.  I wrote many songs while I was there over 18 months and some were about my new love for Susan.  After I got home, we married , I played at several clubs and bars around the Chicagoland area and 2 years later, the twins, Ian and Eric were born.  I started playing at folk clubs and Susan joined the group with her tamborine and harmony.We also got Bry back to play bass.  Then we were asked to play at a wedding.  Edie joined us on drums for a couple of years, then Al’s sister Margie palyed for a couple more years.  We were pretty busy with the wedding curcuit and ended up with Joey  as drummer …until we moved out to St Charles.

We were in a new era of wedding music, DJays, so I had to find other gigs and played many of the club, restaurants s and bars in the Fox Valley.  I was the Friday night singer at the Dundee Village Squire for seven years.  I  was writing more songs as my family grew up.  by the time our boys were in high school, they had joined Susan and I .  Ian on Bass and Eric on lead guitar.  We were very popular as the Al Schubert Family Band and played at many parties, fests and the Kane county Fair.  the the boys got married and it was just Susan and I .

Now after a few years of Al fighting cancer , we are back.  We had the opportunity to play a concert at Kiss the Sky in Batavia.  Our good friend Steve Warrenfedlz and his good friend Dee had us at Cloud 9 where we rocked the evening with 35 of our favorite friends and family. From that I have been able to book us into restaurants, the Oscar Swan, the Lodge with a very good response.  We bring in a crowd.

We are getting ready for a few good gigs to come and see us; The Blackberry Bar and Grill in Elburn on June 8th and the Stonefire Grill in Yorkville on June 29th.  We will also be in St Charles on June 26th of St Charles LIVE!  Place and time to be determined!  You can catch us for some music at Gabby’s in St Charles on Thurs, evenings for their open mic and the Blackvberry Fri evening open mic  We will also be out in Sycamoreat Cabana Charlies  for open mic on the last Tues of the month.

It’s October and after a busy September playing gigs at Blackberry Bar and Grill, Wise Guys Pizzeria in So. Elgin, Gabby’s Kitchen in St. Charles with Susan on drums and Casey’s Restaurant in Lombard, Il. we decided to take a little break. now we are hoping to be back at Wise Guys with their new bar and Gabby’s Kitchen.  Chessie’s in Barrington is also showing interest!

Al is working on some new old songs he wrote and is reworking them so that I can sing harmony!  We hope to have a new CD and a video out in January.  we do have a CD for listening to the songs, both originals and covers for  you to listen to and its set within a Beatles One cd….very fun to hear!  Free for the asking!  $3.00 to send for S&H.